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In a developed world, road and highways are one of the vital parts of development and are often referred as lifeline of a society. PHOEBOSOL Technologies Private Limited is one of the front ending and fast growing company in field of Renewable Energy, Road infrastructure facilitation, Advance Traffic Management System (ATMS), and Highway Traffic Management with wide experience and proven expertise in the execution of major projects with an established track record of successful execution of projects across sectors and geographies.

We provide end-to-end solutions and services for highway and road infrastructure projects ,Advance Traffic Management System (ATMS), Solar PV systems, solar enabled LED solutions, Solar road safety equipment , solar road lights, intelligent transportation system, smart lighting solutions for toll plazas and highways and other road safety. We are one of the very few companies in the country that have proven investment, development, construction and management capabilities. Although most of the operations involved in the construction of road and highways fall under the banner of Civil Engineering, there are several other disciplines and general workers need to be sourced for executing the construction with adequate quality norms.

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Improving Safety
Lessening the Impact of Travel on the Environment
Reducing Traffic Congestion
Providing Sustainable Development for Roads and Related Infrastructure.

Our Motto


Our Vision is to be the market leader in Road infrastructure industry in India. We are set out with an obsession for customer delight providing a reliable solution and also helping the environment to remain green and pollution free. We strongly believe that ‘Together we can and we will heal the Earth’. It’s this trust and confidence in outcomes that gives us strength to paves the way for better tomorrow.


Our mission is to become a global enterprise by meeting the needs and aspirations of its customers for mobility, setting benchmarks in quality, style & technology. It is our commitment to create value through innovation which will create a road that will lead the world in to a whole new direction. India’s hopes, dreams and aspirations gives us inspiration to start a new Future Today.


At Phoebosol, we believe in quality. It's at the heart of everything we do. This enables us to deliver exceptional quality, flawless customer service which drive results. It’s our commitment to quality that helps us to provide you with competitive pricing.


To create a robust transport system, using the best technology to cope well with both expected and unexpected events. The infrastructure is to be designed in a way that minimizes stoppages and disruptions resulting from accidents, congestion, vehicle faults or infrastructure faults and damage.


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Renewable Energy

Advance Traffic Management System

LED & Lightning

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Green Highway

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